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  • Retirement and Financial Planning – Planning for a specific goal needs to start well before you need the money. We'll be there to keep you on track, whether it's saving for retirement, college, a second home, or even a trip around the world. Clark & Company can help you save, allocate, plan for the necessary cash flow, and project where you stand in comparison to the amount required.
  • Estate and Trust Planning – You have worked too hard to lose your assets to taxes, fees, and penalties. We will work with your attorney and accountant to build a comprehensive plan to honor your wishes and transfer wealth to your heirs and charitable beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient way possible.
  • Tax Reduction Strategies – The biggest enemy of a portfolio is taxes. We will work in consultation with your accountant to advise you on various tax issues you may encounter; capital gains, IRA distribution, gift, estate taxes, and charitable deductions, just to name a few. It's your money; keep as much of it as possible.
  • Planning for Medical Doctors – Doctors face a unique set of constraints, given their professional liability, short number of high-income producing years, and need to save beyond what traditional retirement accounts can provide for. We can help navigate the myriad of choices regarding investment vehicles, insurance coverage, and disability liability should you miss work for an extended period of time.
  • Planning for Business Owners – The challenges faced by business owners can be overwhelming. Owners need a comprehensive plan that incorporates financial and insurance planning, corporate-sponsored retirement plans, business succession planning, and a tax-efficient ownership transfer.
  • Charitable Gift Planning – A large number of clients wish to pursue philanthropic endeavors and give back to a community that helped them achieve their success. A family's legacy of giving can help solidify the bond between them and the community. Let us help you choose the right vehicle for your wishes, whether it is a charitable trust, private foundation, or planned to give.

* Planning services offered through Lincoln Financial Securities Corp.


Strategic Wealth Planning

Strategic planning is a cultural cornerstone in our approach to wealth management. We start with a conversation – establishing your financial goals, as well as your appetite for risk and other personal, business, and family considerations, and then determine how to maximize your chances of success. Our clients share a long-term, patient and multigenerational approach to building and sustaining wealth. We utilize eMoney as our planning software, giving us cutting-edge technology to help create your plan and track its accuracy and effectiveness moving forward.

Wealth Management

Our wealth planning team proactively identifies opportunities and mitigates risk outside our clients' investment portfolios. We deliver independent advice and thoughtfully designed wealth management solutions. Lincoln Financial Securities is our partner in helping to deliver best-in-class investment choices to help our clients reach their goals. As an independent, open-architecture broker/dealer, there are thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, third-party managers, and annuities to help you in your financial journey. Our expertise is best suited for clients with investable assets between $500,000 and $3,000,000. The minimum relationship is $250,000, though exceptions can be made.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We understand that as our clients' wealth evolves, so too do their needs. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service through our in-depth understanding of clients and the world in which they live. You have worked hard to get where you are; now, we help you keep and pass along to the next generation. We also help our clients provide for succession within their families by helping each generation acquire skills necessary for the successful management of wealth.

From ensuring the longevity of your business, empowering you to make a difference, or preserving your wealth for future generations, we understand that a sense of security for the future is essential. We help our clients provide for succession within their families by helping each generation acquire skills necessary for thesuccessful management of wealth.

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