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About Us

Clark & Company was founded in 2010 with a simple vision: to build a planning firm focused entirely on making a material and positive difference for our clients.

We are a boutique wealth management firm specializing in serving the needs of physicians, high net worth individuals, corporate executives and businesses. When you choose Clark & Company, you are taking an important first step toward achieving your goals for financial success.  We provide modern wealth management underpinned by a renowned tradition of service.

Clark & Company provides you with an array of customizable services, strategies and products, tailoring a wealth management plan to help you meet your specific goals. We recognize that no two clients are alike and no two goals the same. At Clark & Company it’s your vision and our plan. We’re in this together.

Our trust, fierce integrity and judgment form the cornerstone of our firm and permeate everything we do. We work in close consultation with your attorneys, accountants and business managers to understand your complete financial picture, then provide tailored advice and solutions based on your unique circumstances. We’ll dig deeper and go further. Your vision needs a plan.


At Clark & Company, we can afford to be precise. We work hard to maintain an advisor-to-client ratio that allows us to provide only the highest level of service. Clark & Company is committed to a concierge model; we’ll work with you to understand your vision and then work harder to build the plan that will help you get there.

Clark & Company understands that everyone has different aspirations and no two dreams are the same. Where do you want to go? How can we help you get there?


At Clark & Company, good business is a matter of great relationships. We’ll take the time to get to know your unique circumstances and then build out a comprehensive solution that will evolve with your ever-changing life.

We get it. Now, we’ll work together to make it happen.


Your vision and our expertise – it’s a potent combination and a plan for realizing your goals. At Clark & Company, service is paramount. It’s why we’re selective in building both our employee and client bases. Your goals need attention, your vision requires a plan.

We know that no two journeys are alike and no two lives unwind the same way. Our comprehensive solutions will be tailored to your needs and flexible enough to evolve as you do.

At Clark & Company, we work for our clients, with our clients. Your Vision. Our Guidance.